Dear "hospes" you are visiting our site, maybe because you are in the neighborhood, maybe because you would like to organize for the next summer holidays, we warn you that UNTIL THE FIRST HALF OF MARCH WE WILL BE CLOSED for maintenance, then until May we will open only by reservation or for spring topical appointments. Instead, from June to September we will be in full operation.

If you want and you are already certain of the period of your holidays, you can already choose accommodation and book! See you soon! ;)
Dear internaut, welcome on our website!

Who are we? We are a team of musicians, historians and phiosophers, determineted to work in our land! How? Just returning at the land… We learn by our scout experience and peasant origin, and we created a rural tourism activity in one of the most pleasant part of Sicily: a camping specialised for tents. But we have also a village area with bungalow and mobile home. We are in a strategic point to visit southeast Sicily: near Marzamemi and Pachino, in the municipality of Noto, close to the wonderful Vendicari Natural Reserve and the beautiful sand beaches of San Lorenzo. Our camping it’s a good staging area to discover the baroque and the archaeological sites of Noto, Scicli, Modica, Ragusa, Ispica and Rosolini. Moreover we are a few kilometres from seafaring village of Portopalo Capo Passero and the sand beaches of Carratois, Costa dell’Ambra and Granelli. In a few time you can reach Siracusa, Palazzolo Acreide and its Greek theaters.

There is no entry to camper, roulotte or air camping, because our trees are trimmed to satisfy the needs of tent campers. To eat and to shop. Near the Agricamping Sophia is located the Vini Sultana with tasting menu of typical products and their elegant wine, and a dedicated menu to our clients. For breackfast and dinner you can enjoy our kiosk. The nearest supermarket is a kilometre away.

If you want a typical tourist village, we aren’t! We don’t have a pool, because the pools are anywhere in the world, but our beaches and our sea no.. Nobody will try to involve you in games or line dancing, but if you play an instrument or singing, you can have a jam with the staff!

Pay attention, please! In our camp the garbage must be collected separately!

Agricamping Sophia staff


Tent Pitchs, served by electricity and water (only for drawing), are distributed under the shadow of a fruit and olive tree groves, along 5700 square meters.


The “Socrate” Bungalow is the right accommodation for those families or friends groups of 4-6 persons, who need large spaces.


It is the right accommodation for families or friends groups of 4-5 persons


It is the right accommodation for those who even if loving an essential, in contact with nature, vacancy, does not intend to reject some comforts.
With the succession of the spring season is approaching also the period in which they will be put to the test not only the blades of the lawn mower (given the flourish thriving of all types of grass on every corner dell'Agricamping Sophia), but also our poor nasal mucosa and our panting bronchi, despite the attempt of improbable slalom between various pollens and inflorescences of olive trees .
And yet we certainly can not avoid the many maintenance and "updating" jobs in order to make the stay of our future guests more pleasant in our rural accommodation.So, let's start, all the allergic tests necessary to determine with discrete accuracy of what drugs our body needs in order not to lose the right force to perform the jobs mentioned above!Whom to contact? If you are in Sicily, in particular in Pachino (in...