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NO CAMPER, NO CARAVAN, NO AIR-CAMPING : we do not provide any service for campers, caravans and similar.

Who are we? We are a group of musicians, educators and philosophers who have decided to roll up their sleeves and come up with a way not to leave their land, just going back to the land. Leveraging on our proud scouts and peasant roots, we set up an specialized camp site, for tents only,in one of the most enchanting places in Sicily. However, if you do not want to give up too many comforts, we also have an village area dedicated to wooden bungalows, mobile homes, glamping tents and the possibility of using the B&B option (bed and breakfast).

Where are we? Between Marzamemi and Pachino, in the municipality of Noto, close to the Vendicari Reserve and the sandy beaches of San Lorenzo, a strategic area to easily visit the south-eastern Sicily, especially the Baroque and archaeological areas of Noto, Scicli, Modica, Ragusa, Syracuse, Palazzolo Acreide, Ispica and Rosolini. We are also a few kilometers from Portopalo di Capo Passero and from the caribbean beaches on the Mediterranean such as Carratois, Costa dell'Ambra and Granelli.

Where to eat? In addition to the countless excellent catering activities that the area offers (but which we will be pleased to tell you about it in person...), inside the campsite we have a kiosk in which we offer lively breakfasts and quick dinners, with particular attention to typical local products. Moreover from the campsite it is possible to directly access the adjacent Sultana Wines.

Where to shop? Within a kilometer there are at least three supermarkets, various farms that sell their excellent fruit and vegetables directly and in Portopalo a thriving fish market.

In any case, if you are looking for a typical tourist village, with group dances and aperitif games, unfortunately we are not for you. And we don't have a swimming pool because, given that there are plenty of swimming pools in Milan or Turin, let's assume that you come here to Sicily for our beaches and our sea. But would you seriously go fifteen hundred kilometers to jump into the pool?!

Do you know how to play or sing? So don't worry, nobody will take away a jam session with us! If you are a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist or a singer, here you already find everything you need! This is our animation: play with you!

Warning! Here we separate and do well. If your sense of civic spirit stays at home while you are on vacation, keep looking… Probably not for you.

The staff of the Agricamping Sophia


Tent Pitchs, served by electricity and water (only for drawing), are distributed under the shadow of a fruit and olive tree groves, along 5700 square meters.


The “Socrate” Bungalow is the right accommodation for those families or friends groups of 4-6 persons, who need large spaces.


It is the right accommodation for families or friends groups of 4-5 persons


It is the right accommodation for those who even if loving an essential, in contact with nature, vacancy, does not intend to reject some comforts.


In breathable water-repellent cotton (360 g/m2), with PVC flooring (650 g/m2), on a wooden base raised from the ground


It is a classic "igloo" (5-6 m2), in polyester fabric, with 2 beds. We have it assembled to perfection
How a campsite is born and evolves - The cynical truth How a campsite is born and evolves - The cynical truth

I come from a family that has acquired relative economic well-being over time, not because of some kind of arcane passive income, but simply because of my father and my mother's career choices and financial management. All my grandparents were in fact simple farmers who, thanks to hard work in the countryside, were not sick but did not even sail in gold. However, they were doing well enough for their children to study. As the son of peasants, my father was thus able to retire as a General of the Italian Army.


To set up the campsite, I tried to intercept the funds that Europe donates through the Region of Sicily. However, between the presidencies of Cuffaro and Lombardo, those funds were "frozen" (there were but for the moment unavailable ...) In any case, to access those...