1. The access to women’s toilet is forbidden to men. Likewise, the access to men’s toilet to women is forbidden too.

2. It’s forbidden to shout, to cry out loud and to have any habit or behavior which could disturb other camper’s quiet.

3. Do not bring stones into the tent pitches.

4. It is forbidden to light fires or barbecues. you can use the barbecue into the dedicated area.

5. Do not light big lights during the night, especially if pointed on other’s pitches, please use just small lights not disturbing anybody else.

6. At night, to have a good time between friends chatting, playing music or whatever you like, without annoying other campers, please enjoy the dedicated area.

7. Please use the tent pitches water just for drawing; wash your dishes and tableware in the dedicated area

8. In a camping, it is normal to meet small insects, don’t be scared nor alarmed, they are not dangerous.

9. Please do not put your clothes or stuff on shading web’s little strings. You can attach your own string to the branches to put your clothes on, but be absolutely sure there are no risks for other campers.

10. In proximity to spaces occupied by other people please respect silence time from 01:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. and from 11:00 p.m. to 09:00 a.m.

11. It requires that dogs be on a leash.

12. Please enjoy your time in agricamping sophia in peace and harmony, not forgetting that:

- guests are responsible for their direct or indirect damages.
- parents or relatives are responsible for minors.
- guests are responsible for their own objects.
- use of water is not allowed for extraordinary things, such as washing cars or animals, but just for ordinary things, like cooking, personal cleanliness, washing clothes or dishes.
- guests are responsible for their direct or indirect damages caused to property and/or persons by their pets.

13. Please adopt measures to protect the environment and respect others, like:

- accurate separate collection of waste (paper and cardboard, plastic and aluminum, glass and wet vegetable).
- close the shower water while you soap and do not waste it just because is free.
- do not throw cigarette butts, beer caps, etc. on the ground
- do not throw rolls of toilet paper andsanitary towel in the toilet (use the appropriate trash).
- It’s forbidden the use of air conditioner with open windows.
- It’s forbidden to use the air conditioner if the bungalow is empty.
- It’s forbidden to leave alone children or pets inside the bungalow and mobile homes.

14. It’s forbidden the use of electric stove and plates.

15. Stop and Parking is forbidden in the road inside the Camping. The parking areas will be show by the staff.

16. For the safety of the other clients and your means of transport is required drive to a crawl.

We wish you a wonderful stay.