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Greek Theatre Syracuse in 2017
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The traditional summer event at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse with the comedy and classical tragedy is dedicated to the indissoluble link between the theater and the ancient polis celebrating 2750 years since its foundation. The May 6 begins Seven Against Thebes of Aeschylus that alternates with Phoenician Euripides to the June 25 . Is then the turn of the play Frogs Aristophanes, the June 29 until the July 8 . The performances are cured by Foundation Inda.
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Also in 2018, the Giro d'Italia will take part in Sicily. In fact, next May will be three fractions that will report cycling on the Sicilian roads. After the prologue in Israel, the pink caravan will arrive in Catania, from where, on Tuesday, 8 May, will take the stage of medium mountain that will end after 191km in the splendid frame of Caltagirone. The next day the race will take off from Agrigento, the city of the Temples, and will end...   Continue >>
Perhaps not everyone knows that from the end of 1944 to the beginning of 1945, South-East Sicily was upset by a series of riots, which resulted in real rebellions, following the decision of the infant United Kingdom of South to recall arms are a lever of young people who have now considered the war closed for a couple of years. There was certainly the same importance for a grain tax, namely the establishment of so-called "Granai del Popolo",...   Continue >>
Take advantage of this item to answer the frequent request for information regarding the beach closest to our camping. This is the beach of Marzamemi, that is Spinazza. It is less than 2 km from the campsite and extends from the dam of Marzamemi to the suggestive cliff of Bove Marino, a watershed between Marzamemi and the districts Reitani and San Lorenzo. It is a sandy beach perfect for children, with shallow backdrop. The free beach sections...   Continue >>
Learn from the web site Free Syracuse Municipal Consortium (formerly the regional provincial Siracusa, but not yet for the website ...), which by the order of Head of Sector , geometra Michele Smiriglio, will close the provincial road 19 Noto-Pachino between the provincial road S.Nicola-Belludia and the bridge...   Continue >>
Vini Sultana dedicates to the guests of Agricamping Sophia a menu of local products, with a delicious first and a sweet Sicilian, accompanied by the quality of their own wine. Only 15 euros per person, for lunch only, here is the Sophia Menu:

- Seasoned bread
- Salami and dry...   Continue >>
On 20 and 21 February 2017, on Rai 1, has been given the television miniseries The Ghosts of Portopalo , is drawn from the novel investigative journalist Giovanni Maria Bellu , starring among others by Giuseppe Fiorello and Giuseppe Battiston . Tells the shipwreck dell'F174 off Pachino , on Christmas Eve of 1996, in which killed...   Continue >>
Good food is an obsession for us Sicilians. However it is necessary to dispel a common place: the Sicilians talk about food even when they eat. In fact there is no question of a cliché: it is the absolute truth... There is no occasion where at some point the Sicilians are found not to quibble about the goodness of this dish in this restaurant, so doth advice on where to eat and on what to eat. And by good Sicilian, we dell'Agricamping...   Continue >>
The traditional Cycle of Classical Plays at Syracuse Greek Theatre into its fifty-second edition: from Friday, May 13 to Sunday, June 19 are taking place every other day of the representations Elektra Sophocles and Alcestis Euripides, and ends with the staging of the Fedra of Seneca on days 23-26 June. As announced by the National Institute of Ancient Drama, presenting the...   Continue >>
The inverdurata is a set plant mosaics designed dall'APAC, the Association Pachinese Anti Crime, in order to promote the legal as the value essential for the growth of Pachino community. It takes place in Pachino, since 2004, in May (since dedicated in memory to the Capaci massacre, the victims of the Mafia). The fruits of the earth were chosen as raw material for the...   Continue >>
January 1 2016 even in the City of Noto has been established the tourist tax in order to finance related activities tourism , such as (and I quote from the resolution no. 89 1/12/2015 of Noto City Council) "development of thematic routes and circuits of excellence", "restructuring and upgrading of facilities and services for to tourist use", " maintenance and recovery of...   Continue >>
Saturday, April 30, 2016, on a cool spring evening in Piazza Regina Margherita in Marzamemi, the association Trifase Music in collaboration with several farms and businesses, organized and promoted, on the occasion of International Jazz Day, a big jam session between local...   Continue >>
It happens in Sicily, Messina, the "babba" cities, as well as instrumentally was defined by subjects that are up to some year ago wallowed almost undisturbed in admixture of bad politics, mafia and certain "Freemasonry" diverted by acting in disregard of citizens and detriment of the common good. It happens that the March 21, 2016, the association "Libera" Don Ciotti choose Messina as the capital of "XXI Day of Memory and Commitment in memory of...   Continue >>
I write this "post" for the benefit of my fellow owners and operators of accommodation facilities. Sometimes I receive strange reservation requests in English, that the second or third response are revealed for what they are: an attempt to scam. This is not an isolated case. Via a google search I came across on Continue >>
1. The access to women’s toilet is forbidden to men. likewise, the access to men’s toilet to women.

2. It is forbidden to shout, to cry out loud and to have any habit or behavior which could disturb other camper’s quiet.

3. Do not bring stones into the tent pitches.

4. It is forbidden to light fires or barbecues. you can use the barbecue into the dedicated area.

5. Do not light big lights...   Continue >>
Calamosche is the most famous beach of the Vendicari Reserve, regulars of the Blue Guide Legambiente , among the most beautiful beaches of Italy. It 'a cove fine sand and clear , extended to 200 meters, between two cliffs which protect it from the currents, thus favoring a sea usually calm and clear. The...   Continue >>
San Lorenzo is only 3 km from Camping Sophia . Contrada located between Marzamemi and Vendicari, it consists of a charming series of fine sandy beaches and clear , often interspersed by cliffs, which overlook a Caribbean Sea, crystalline, from the bottom sandy, shallow (therefore suitable for families with children). These beaches can be reached by nine streets converging...   Continue >>
Ragusa is the Camping Sophia about an hour's drive. Another pearl of Sicilian Baroque, sad result of the devastation in 1693 by the same earthquake that destroyed Noto. Artists and architects that worked to rebuild it, masterfully managed to combine ancient tradition with modern style, returning to posterity a city no less magnificent "version" ancient. The medieval heritage is preserved for example in the district of Continue >>
The key to understand when it is not necessary to pay any fee to the SIAE, is implicit repeal of the Royal Decree 18 May 1942, n. 1369, art. 51 which regulates the implementation of Articles 175 and 176 of the Law 22 April 1941 n. 633, repealed by Decree Law 31 December 1996, n. 669, converted into Law 28 February 1997 n. 30. To confirm this intervenes letter registered 2/1346 / PS, on the Agreement Siae / ANCI, in which the Directorate General...   Continue >>
South Eastern Sicily was the scene of war that indelibly marked the history of the twentieth century. Here the sad memories of the war are still alive among the elderly, who had to share the happy years of youth with the fear that the war at any moment upsetting the fagocitassero their lives and their hopes. We are in the Second World War. After tearing Tunisia Axis, the 10 July 1943 the Allies landed in Sicily . A special...   Continue >>
We can’t finish this tour around the neighbourhodd of Agricamp Sophia without a visit to Ortigia, a small island, peopled since bronze age. Siracusa is a symbol of cultural heterogeneity typical of Sicily, result of melting pot between different cultures that came in succession over the millennia.

The historical tradition tells that Syracuse , although inhabited since time immemorial, was founded in 734 BC, at the...   Continue >>
The fourth (and last) act, the rice will now cooled and dried enough to be easily worked, so ...

- Shaping all'arancino / a

We put a little 'rice in the left hand (vice versa if left-handed), shaping it to obtain a small concavity in the middle, we're going to fill with a spoonful of sauce / meat sauce, a piece of cheese or Tuma (or other soft cheese then go to melt during cooking) and a couple of diced ham and / or...   Continue >>
Arancino/a. There is only one certainty (other than the delicacy ...): there are myriad versions. There do then a recipe in particular, but I suggest various ways of preparation, more or less dosed for 4 people.

Almost essential ingredients

First acquire the raw material, ie 350-400 grams of rice. What kind of rice? Carnaroli, Roma and Native are fine. Are theoretically less pointed qualities most suited for salads of...   Continue >>
Call it kumquat or call it arancina, it is always the same dish? In other words, arancina meat Palermo corresponds all'arancino sauce Messina? More no than yes. Apart from some ingredients such as rice and the crumb (bread crumbs for the rest of the world ...) and that both are fried, otherwise they are two different dishes. Consider them the same dish, it would not be dissimilar to enter the cauldron even the rice balls Romans: ie falling into...   Continue >>
I do not want my fellow Westerners, but living in the eastern part of Sicily, I can not decline to men the most famous Sicilian dish in the world, ie the Arancino! However, regardless of the unresolved dispute about the origin (and hence the declination), I am convinced that in Sicily, from Messina to Syracuse, from Catania to Palermo, are excellent fried arancini. Belief also supported by many culinary opinions of gourmet travelers, reported in...   Continue >>
Another place to see is the near Ispica, town rich of Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings. In its neighbourhood there are Il Parco archeologico della Forza and many natural reserves (Cava d’Ispica, Maccone Bianco, quagmires Bruno and Longarini and l'Isola dei Porri, placed at 2 km from the coast). Santa Maria del Focallo, which belong to the district of Ispica, is another famous seaside resort, often quoted in the Continue >>
At the foot of Iblei mounts, close to Avola, there is the wonderful natural reserve of Cavagrande del Cassibile, a sequence of deep canyons wherein Cassibile river originate waterfalls and small lakes, suitable for swimming and achievable through the famous Scala Cruci. Starting from Agricamp Sophia we can reach, in a short time, Pantalica’s reserve, UNESCO World...   Continue >>
In the neighbourhood of Noto there are many sites to see: the interesting Villa del Tellaro, roman residence of late imperial age; the archeological sites of Castelluccio di Noto, a bronzen age necropolis; the ruins of Eloro, town built by Corinthians in the VIII century B.C.; and Noto Antica, the ancient site of an important town, destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1693. The new city of Noto, placed 8 km downline of the ancient site, was...   Continue >>
Pachino is a small city, country for the most, known all over the world because of the excellent “ciliegino” tomatoes. Quotations of its red wine are also strongly increasing, mostly Nero d'Avola, whose fame seems to descend from Magna Greece, which had hills called “Paxus Oinos”, or Land generous of wine. The Company Vini Sultana offers very...   Continue >>
The Agri Camping Sophia is located between Pachino and Marzamemi, about 30 meters above sea level, in the south-eastern province of Siracusa, a kilometer and a half from the Ionian Sea and seven in the Sicilian Channel. The climate is so typically Mediterranean, mild in spring and autumn, with cool temperatures in the winter (but rarely below 5 ° C) and a warm climate in the summer (on average 30 ° C), mitigated by the sea breeze. The average...   Continue >>
What have a guitarist and a drummer in the logo of a camping site? Got to do, got to do ... The summer season 2014 draws to a close, several times near the kiosk Agri Camping Sophia saw the unusual (but not too much ...) the presence of a battery, a guitar , a bass, a keyboard and a microphone, serving jam session between myself and the many guest musicians who have relaxed their limbs under the olive trees of the camping. Then we close with a...   Continue >>
The first time I heard about zero waste strategy was representative of Messina of Rete Lilliput (non-partisan political movement inspired by the missionary Alex Zanotelli). He was fascinated by the idea of ​​calling in a virtuous circle rejection, in a radical way. Bottom there was only an idea ecologist, but I found both in the economic repercussions, is philosophical. They are forced to empty the garbage when she fills the space in...   Continue >>
On several occasions it has been written and said, not without some satisfaction, that Pachino is below the parallel of Tunis ... Perhaps wanting to emphasize the climate , similar to the north Maghreb . Perhaps rimarcarne position not only geographical but also cultural as place border , the border between different worlds (but not that much ...) that while sharing the same...   Continue >>
A year on from the opening of the doors, the Camping Sophia has had the honor of hosting events live music of all respect, where they played also bands of a certain resonance in view underground National . And 'a must start by saying that the organization of events of live music, especially when there is no nod toward pop culture , provides a spirit of sacrifice...   Continue >>
The Nero d'Avola is a typical grapevine in the area of ​​ Noto and Pachino (the Agri Camping Sophia it has a small vineyard). The wine thereby caused (high alcohol content, full-bodied and good acidity) in the nineteenth century was bought by French traders to cut their wines. Today is marketed both alone, or together with other grapes such as Syrah (with good...   Continue >>
The Infiorata di Noto is an artistic event that takes place in May. It is a series of floral mosaics in the streets of the city. Concurrently, there are also concerts, exhibitions and theater performances.

The Infiorata is an artistic event that takes place in Noto usually during the third Sunday of the month of May . Born in 1980 from the encounter between artists...   Continue >>
The Frontier Film Festival kicks off in 2000. Piazza Regina Margherita or tuna (in area "Balata") of Marzamemi (2 km at Agri Camping Sophia) are projected movie and short films from Worldwide . The festival was attended by the likes of Luca Zingaretti, Jasmine Trinca, Luigi Lo Cascio, Tatti Sanguineti, Eleonora Giorgi, Donatella Finocchiaro, Laura Morante, Riccardo...   Continue >>
Between Pachino and Noto is located the wildlife sanctuary of Vendicari, a natural reserve, migratory stop of many species of birds and rich archeological site. Into this area there is also the enchanting beach of Calamosche, over and over again indicated as the most beautiful and clean beach of Italy, in the Blue guide of Legambiente.

A few kilometers away at Agri Camping Sophia unfolds, to 1,512 hectares, the Natural...   Continue >>
One thing is certain: the ancient culture and classical have left such deep and indelible traces in Sicily, that no civilization or domination throughout history has never managed to erase or obscure. The ancient historical accounts, often topped by legendary aspects and geographical inaccuracies, have helped to enrich the mythical aura of glamor that surrounds the island. So Hybla , the legendary city-states of the Sicilian king ...   Continue >>